Install Ubuntu on MSI-GE60 0NC

It’s been a while since I last had a bit of trouble installing Ubuntu, so I decided to write a small article about it.
Don’t expect screenshots, I don’t want to go back to the installer just for the sake of some nice images.

I will here explain how I installed a dualboot Windows 8/Ubuntu on my new MSI GE60 ONC laptop.


The main difference I encountered was the introduction of UEFI. Don’t worry if you had never heard of that before, I discovered it while installing Ubuntu on my new laptop as well! Basically, it is meant to replace the old BIOS architecture with a more flexible one.

What the Ubuntu documentation on UEFI recommends is to install both Windows and Ubuntu using the UEFI mode.

Unfortunately, for some reason that I was unable to figure out, I wasn’t able to properly boot the LiveUSB on UEFI mode: it kept on giving me a black screen (and from what I saw on the forums, I’m not the only one).

Boot mode (from Ubuntu doc)

The workaround I used consists of booting and installing in Legacy Mode. To go into legacy mode, just press « Del. » on startup to enter the BIOS, and change the « Boot » options to Legacy instead of UEFI.

Then, install the dualboot as usual (reduce windows partition size, create a new one for linux, extend the Data partition, add a swap partition).

You will also need to create a special partition for the BIOS support of Legacy. To do so, create a small partition using gparted (>1Mb), and set the Flag grub_bios (or something like that).

You’re done.



  • to start Linux, go into the BIOS and set it to Legacy
  • to start Windows, go into the BIOS and set it to UEFI

I know, it’s quite an ugly workaround, but that did the trick, and I’m barely even starting windows, so for me going into the bios when I need to start it is not so much of a bother.

You could try using the boot-repair utility to convert the legacy booting process to UEFI. It is supposed to work quite well, however I ran into topics of users that tried it and failed. So I didn’t bother investigating any further. Let me know if you manage to do it successfully 😉





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  1. What Ubuntu version?

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