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Blog Moved!

Hi, just a quick article to tell you that I now started auto-hosting my blog. It is now available at the following address: (Yes, I’ll buy a proper domain name at some point, but for now it’ll have to do). Publicités

Install Ubuntu on MSI-GE60 0NC

Hi, It’s been a while since I last had a bit of trouble installing Ubuntu, so I decided to write a small article about it. Don’t expect screenshots, I don’t want to go back to the installer just for the sake of some nice images. I will here explain how I installed a dualboot Windows […]

Irish Travels

Hey! Since I’ve managed travel all around Ireland in the 8 month I’ve been living there, I though I would share a bit of the amazing places I’ve been to. I’ve been travelling by car, doing 3 days road-trips every time. It’s amazing how much of Ireland you can actually discover in 3 days, it’s such a […]

ShaderMaker: fig bug with geometry shader!

Hi! I’ve just tried ShaderMaker, which seemed like a great shader editor, and one of the only existing ones that is truly cross-plateform. However, I’m still an unlucky student stuck with an integrated intel chipset, which obviously doesn’t support geometry shaders. Unfortunaly, when I tried editing a fragment shader  I bumped into a nice Segmentation fault! […]

Install ArchLinux on Dell Latitude E5420

Je ne compte pas parler de l’installation d’ArchLinux en lui-même, bien assez de documentation existe sur le sujet. Je vais me contenter de préciser les parties spécifiques à ce laptop. Touchpad Le touchpad n’est pas un touchpad Synaptics, ce qui complique légèrement la configuration, d’autant plus qu’un bug du noyau fait qu’il n’est pas reconnu […]

Configure USB Debugging of Android on GNU/Linux

You want to develop your own application and test it directly your phone instead of the virtual machine? Or perhaps you just want to use some cool features of the SDK to manage your phone? Whatever the reason, here is how to do it. First, I’ll assume that you have already installed the android SDK. […]

Ripper l’audio d’une vidéo avec ffmpeg

Bonjour, Vu que j’ai eu un peu de mal à trouver comment ripper la bande son d’une vidéo (en l’occurence de youtube), j’ai fait un petit script pour le faire simplement : Très simple à utiliser, faites juste Et vous obtiendrez des fichiers au format mp3 fichier1.mp3, fichier2.mp3, …